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The Social Chase is Proud to Collaborate with the Mattatuck Museum for the very first Free to Be Art Exhibition displaying the artistic talents of our autism/neurodivergent community.


Free to Be. Art submissions for the exhibition are accepted only via the form below through July 19, 2024. If accepted, participants will have their work on view at the Mattatuck Museum from September 6 – November 2, 2024.

Social Chase “Free to Be Me” Event: Bowling Hangout at Crystal Bees $10

Thank you to the Social Equity Council and NEST Grant to make this possible!

Social Chase FUN “Free to Be Me” Event for the neurodivergent/autism community ages 15-35 at the Crystal Bees Amusement Center in Southington.

Click on Flyer Below for more information.

The fee is only $10 which includes bowling shoes, pizza and soda (I know it is morning time), and game play (no prizes). Financial Assistance is available. We don’t want money to stop anyone from participating. Siblings within the age category are welcomed.

Sorry no child under the age 15 is allowed. If you are over 35 and young at heart, you are welcomed to join.

Contact for more information.

Thank you to our Forum Sponsors!

Click on links of our Sponsors  NEST, Social Equity Council, Sun, Moon & Stars, CT FEAT, Pawlowski Automotive, Forte Law Group, LLC and Housatonic House

Breakfast (The Art of Yum) and Lunch (Housatonic House) is provided. 

 Speakers/Workshops (Subject to Change)
  • Darlene Borre – Micro-business – Yes, they can do it.
  • Dr. Jamie McPartland – Yale – Benefits of Autism Research
  • Julie Swanson – The 10 Areas of Life Skills and How to Incorporate in Your Child’s IEP
  • Steven L .Rubin, Esq – Drazen and Rubin Law – ABLE accounts and Special Needs Trust
  • The Autism Mom Coach – Lisa Candera – Taking Care of YOU
  • Walt Glomb – Beyond the PPT: Life After High School
  • Focus Center for Autism – Self Advocates Autism Unplugged Panel
  • Pay it Forward Parent Panel (Beth Lambert, Alan Taylor,  Grace Clark, Donna Swanson, Christine Faressa, Jeffery L Forte, esq.)
  • Speaker Jamie McPartland Yale – Benefits of Autism Research
  • Dr. Nichole Collins – Self-Advocacy: Helping your loved one find their voice and use it effectively
  • Casey Brophy / Transcend ABA – Benefits of ABA therapy for families
  • Jeffrey L Forte – Forte Law Group, LLC – Making Sense of Connecticut’s New IEP, Page by Page
  • Wendy Tyson-Cook – Your Civil Rights


Resource Vendors

  • Sun, Moon & Stars
  • Waterbury Police Department: Vulnerable Citizens Registration, Autism ID Cards and Blue Envelopes
  • Autism Speaks
  • CT Family Support Network
  • SPARK at Yale
  • CT Parent Advocacy Denter
  • Focus Center for Autism
  • Ability Beyond
  • The Letter Critters
  • Bloom Where Planted
  • ASRC

Social Chase Founder, Helen Taylor, Speaking at the Captiol
for Autism Acceptance Month with Social Chasers
Chase and Terral. Start Video around 30 minutes.

In The News with
ORTV, Inc.
Crossroads Magazine!

The Social Chase
Free to Be Me Event
at the Brass City Raceway.

Interviewer: Eric McGrath Sara Ziegler, Editor/Videographer

Special Episode – Help Us Help You – Police Autism Forum

An open discussion with parents and police officers about police encounters with individuals on the autism spectrum. Special Panel Helen Taylor, parent/advocate and has a 22 year old son on the spectrum Cyndi Cruz, parent/advocate has a 21 year old son on the spectrum Chief Fred Spagnolo, Jr. – Waterbury Chief of Police Chief Vern Riddick – West Hartford Chief of Police Lieutenant Mike Connolly – Wethersfield – Patrol Division Commander Justin Cruz, self-advocate and college student Chase Taylor, self-advocate and college student Donna Cohen, parent/advocate has a 29 year old daughter diagnosed with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities Mike DeFosses – parent/advocate – two teenage sons on the spectrum Introduction by Chase Taylor Hosted by Helen Taylor and Cyndi Cruz.


Episode 37 – Welcome back Christine Faressa (1st Episode), Mother, Advocate, Founder and President of Sun, Moon & Stars.

We are happy to have Christine back on the show to discuss all the amazing events and collaboration she is spearheading for the autism community.Welcome to The Social Chase Show with Guest Christine Faressa, hosted by Chase, Sarah and Marco.

Christine Faressa, President & Chairman of the Board

Christine Faressa became the founder of Sun, Moon & Stars in January 2016 when she established the Supper Club as a way for families with children on the autism spectrum to a enjoy dinner at a local restaurant. Supper quickly grew into support groups and activities for families. Christine’s son, who was diagnosed with Autism as a toddler, continues to be her driving passion

as she seeks to create a bright future for him and other children on the Autism Spectrum. Christine has served as an Advocacy Ambassador for Autism Speaks, has volunteered for dozens of committees and is currently serving on the Watertown Schools Board of Education. 

She has a masters degree in business administration with a certificate in financial management for non-profits. She has extensive sales and marketing experience with almost 3 decades in medical device sales, and lives in Watertown with her husband, Mark and son, Domenic.

Helen Taylor , Executive Producer/Video Editor

Episode 36 – Social Squad Discussing Life Joys and Challenges  

Social Squad – Chase, Jordan and Marco.

Helen Taylor , Executive Producer 

Video Editor – Helen

Episode 35 – Dr Brian Boyd, Discussion Autism and Equity

 Hosts – Helen and Chase Taylor

Dr. Brian Boyd is Interim Director of the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute and the William C. Friday Professor in Education in the School of Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Helen Taylor , Executive Producer 

Video Editor – Helen

Episode 33 –  Autism Advocacy with Caio Ninja and his mother, Emanuela


 Social Squad- Jordan and Marco

Helen Taylor , Executive Producer Recorded at Skye Cable XIII

Video Editor – Helen

Crew – Chase Taylor

Episode 32 – The Social Squad Discussing Mother’s Day, Vacations, Dating, and Hiking Mt. Washington and Interests

For the first time, our crew member Paul is in front of the camera!! Chase was controlling the boards. 


 Social Squad- Chase, Paul and Marco

Helen Taylor , Executive Producer Recorded at Skye Cable XIII

Video Editor – Helen

Episode 31 – The Social Squad Discussing Life and Sports

For the first time, our crew member Paul is in front of the camera!! Chase was controlling the boards. 


 Social Squad- Jordan, Paul and Marco

Helen Taylor , Executive Producer Recorded at Skye Cable XIII

Video Editor – Helen and Chase Taylor

Episode 30 –  The Social Squad with Guest Podcaster Kyle Barboza Differently-Abled Cerebral Palsy

Kyle is a freelance, audio / video editor and podcaster.
He was born with Cerebral Palsy and as a result he had to deal with a number of physical, social and emotional issues.


 Social Squad- Chase, Sarah, and Jordan

Helen Taylor , Executive Producer Recorded at Skye Cable XIII

Episode 29 – The Social Squad Discussing Friendships and Masking with Guest Marco


 Social Squad- Chase, Sarah, and Jordan

Helen Taylor , Executive Producer Recorded at Skye Cable XIII

Episode 28 – Autism and Transgender

We had an open discussion on being Autistic and coming out as a transgender male with Social Chaser Jacob. Thank you Jillian Celentano for sharing your knowledge and experience as a transgender woman and the open conversation with Social Chaser Jacob

Hosts Helen and Sarah.

Thanks to our studio crew Chase Taylor and Paul Boulier. Check out Jillian’s latest book. “Transitioning Later in Life: A Personal Guide”. on her Website

Episode 27 – Talking about work, movies, college and living or not living independently

And The Social Squad Talk talking about whatever!

 Social Squad- Chase, Sarah, and Jordan

Helen Taylor , Executive Producer Recorded at Skye Cable XIII

Episode 26 – Neuordivergent Author/illustrator Sivan Hong and the Super Fun Day Books

The Social Chase Show welcomes Bestselling author Sivan Hong, Sivan Hong Author, discussing her wonderful children’s book series The Super Fun Day books!

Sivan authors and illustrates the best-selling children’s book series The Super Fun Day Books, including Benny J. and the Horrible Halloween, George J. and the Miserable Monday, Emily D. and the Fearful First Day and Avery G. and the Scary End of School. Her inspiring books focus on neurodiverse children, who overcome their challenges with perseverance and bravery. Sivan also serves as a Trustee on the Boards of the Westport Public Library, the Rita Allen Foundation, Multicultural Children’s Book Day and the ASPCA.
Hosts: Chase, Sarah and Jordan Crew: Paul
Helen Taylor , Executive Producer Recorded at Skye Cable XIII

Episode 25 – The Social Squad discussing New England fairs, food and favorite shows

And The Social Squad Talk talking about whatever!

 Social Squad- Chase, Sarah, and Jordan


Helen Taylor , Executive Producer Recorded at Skye Cable XIII

Episode 24- Life Coach and Autism with John Pollins

Hosts – Chase and Sarah

John Pollins is the owner and director of CT LIFE COACH SERVICES. His agency provides direct life coach services, mostly to adults on the autism spectrum.  John has a bachelors degree from Duke University, and also has a masters degree in education. He started his career as a classroom teacher, and later worked for the Connecticut Department of Education training new teachers and then evaluating their performance to decide if they should be certified as professional teachers. He spent years working in alternative schools, helping students who needed to learn in a setting different than the typical large public school. He helped start Innovation in Education, an agency that created schools in CT jails for teens who had been arrested. He eventually became the Executive Director of Innovation In Education before starting his work with adults on the autism spectrum.


Helen Taylor , Executive Producer Recorded at Skye Cable XIII

Episode 23 – Jordan Lopez and The Social Squad!

Jordan is a 23-year-old and is on the autism spectrum and lives in Bristol. He graduated in 2021 with an AAS degree from Tunxis Community College in Graphic Design and is currently a Certified Pharmacy Technician at CVS. Jordan is the Grand and 1st Place  Art Mural Winner 
And The Social Squad Talk talking about whatever!

 Social Squad- Chase, Sarah, and Jaden


Helen Taylor , Executive Producer Recorded at Skye Cable XIII

Episode 22 -Art and Autism  with Save Our Schools for Our Kids Foundation

SAVE OUR FOR OUR KIDS FOUNDATION with guests Donald L. Green, Jr., Founder and Yvonne Renee Davis, President, president. Hosts: Sara and Chase The event will be filmed and produced by Famiglia D’Oro productions & Entertainment Firm and hosted on Famiglia Doro Tv accessible on Roku, Amazon Fire Tv, Apple Tv, and mobile devices which will be visually documented in two parts. The first is the Mural Arts Extravaganza and the second will turn into a documentary about Art Expression, and Autism Awareness Crew: Angel and Helen Helen Taylor , Executive Producer Recorded at Skye Cable XIII

Episode 21 -The Social Squad!

The Social Squad on The Social Chase Show Episode 21. Excited to have the crew and hosts who have been volunteering for The Social Chase Show now have their own episodes. Young adults (neurodiverse and neurotypical) just talking about ANYTHING.

Social Squad- Chase, Sarah, Jaden and Angel

Crew – Paul

Executive Producer/Video Editor – Helen Taylor Title Animation – Chase Taylor Recorded at Skye Cable 13.

Episode 20 -Guest Crystal Sacco

Crystal share her story of being a mother of a son on a spectrum which inspired her career in the neurotypical community to make a difference.
Crystal is the mother of a 28 year old son on the autism spectrum. Crystal has over 20 years of working with children and she has worked in the field of Special Education for 10 years. She earned a Bachelors in Early Childhood Studies and is a certified LifeCourse Ambassador. She is also a certified Assistant Psychiatric Technician. Crystal has worked for CONNECTICUT FAMILY SUPPORT NETWORK (CTFSN) for three years as a Family Support Coordinator. She has also currently assumed the role of Family Support Director for CTFSN. Hosts – Chase and Sarah Crew – Jaden and Paul Executive Producer/Video Editor – Helen Taylor

Episode 19 -Guest Social Activist Marcus Boyd!

Marcus Leonardo Boyd shares his journey of raising awareness about Autism, childhood challenges and being the 1st African American 4x award-winning Autism Activist. He is such an inspiration to all!
Hosted by Chase and Jaden who are also on the autism spectrum along with Helen Taylor.

Episode 18 -Guest Victoria of

Victoria was inspired by becoming the caretaker of her younger sister on the autism spectrum, AKALAKA is a community of support and resources for siblings who care for siblings with intellectual and developmental disabilities, which she began so no one in our community ever feels alone or lost navigating disability services.
Hosted by Chase and Helen Taylor

Episode 17 -Segment 1: Holly is the mother of three adult children, one is on the Autism Spectrum. She has worked as a long term care nurse . Holly also worked for a year in a group home with the mission to understand what the whole family goes through when their family member moves into a group home. From these experiences (and more), she developed the content of the Vif app. Vif stands for Vital Information at your fingertips.

Segment 2: Beth Lambert, M.S. BCBA, LBA – Parent Beth is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Licensed Behavior Analyst (CT and NY) who works with students 3 to 16 years of age at the CREC River Street Autism Program. She received her Master of Science degree from Central Connecticut State University and completed her Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of Saint Joseph. Beth taught middle school language arts and math for ten years before taking a break from her career to raise her sons, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. Beth is a past President of Connecticut Families for Effective Treatment (CT FEAT). Segment 3: The Social Squad – The Social Crew, Sarah, Jaden, Chase and Angel talking about…shows.


Episode 16 –Sara Taussik – Director of Programs & Training – Autism Services & Resources is a licensed and Board Certified Art Therapist (ATR-BC) and professional counselor who has been working with the autism population for over 14 years. Her work includes inpatient behavioral health, development & facilitation of social skills training, and teaching special education within the private sector. Being a director at ASRC has fulfilled her passion for educating the public through training educators, first responders, and law enforcement officers. Sara also facilitates social and therapeutic groups at ASRC.

In addition to her commitment to her work at ASRC, Sara has a private counseling practice with a focus on ASD and LGBTQI+ intersectionality. In her spare time, Sara enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband, doing CrossFit, making art, and going on adventures of all kinds.


Episode 14 – Great discussion with Jimmy and Sharnae, star couples (married) on the Netflix reality series, “Love on the Spectrum”. They are so wonderful and inspiring. I just loved this interview! Thank you to Skye Cable XIII ( for the live airing of the show. The Social Chase show is hosted by Chase Taylor (on the autism spectrum) and his mother Helen Taylor. A great discussion about young love, getting married, diagnosis of autism, and navigating autism. At the end there is a special taping of Sharnae singing one of her favorite songs by Miley Cyrus which she sings to help her get through tough times…teaching the power of music.The Social Chase Show is a not-for-profit monthly pay-it-forward show sharing the journeys of autism and special needs and abilities. Executive Producer: Helen Taylor

Episode 13 – Dr. Linda Rammler is a Research Associate at Transition, Postsecondary, and Adult Supports Coordinator Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at UConn Health The Social Chase Ep13 -Skye Cable XIII (due to COVID-19 precautions, the session was not filmed in the studio) Host Chase Taylor We are discussing Adulting on the Spectrum and Special Abilities What is adulting? What can you do independently? Why is it important to get a job and how can you get one? What is social capital and why is it important?​ Executive Producer: Helen Taylor

Episode 12 – David Kearon, Director of Adult Services Autism Speaks -Skye Cable XIII Dave Kearon is Director of Adult Services at Autism Speaks. His work focuses on national initiatives promoting solutions for the needs of autistic people and their families across the spectrum and throughout the lifespan. In recent years, Dave’s has helped to develop an autism-led corporate employment consultancy, an online job search tool for autistic job seekers, and a small business accelerator. Current programs include the Workplace Inclusion Now (WIN) employment training initiative, the development of digital developmental pathways for the transition to adulthood, and a larger employment collaboration with other nonprofits for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities called Delivering Jobs. Hosts: Helen and Chase Taylor Crew: Jaden Recorded at Skye Cable XIII Executive Director and Video Editor: Helen Taylor


Episode 11 – Hosts Chase and Sarah talked with Shannon Knall, mom, advocate, and her son Jack sharing the importance of getting involved with your legislatures and the the transition of attending the University of Saint Joseph’s .  


Visit Shannon for more information on Advocacy

The Social Chase hosts Helen and Chase had an open conversation with Dr. Jou and his Yale SPARK team Annie, Cheyanne, and Aniela about the SPARK research program. We discussed the Most Frequently Asked Questions to understand the benefit of the study and how YOU can make a difference in the autism community.


As a parent of an individual of a child of the spectrum I have angst about certain studies. I thought I cannot be the only one! I asked Dr. Roger Jou if we can interview him to discuss what people mostly ask about the study and a few of my inquires. We also thank the Arezzini family for sharing their experience participating in the study.


  • What is SPARK and why is it important? Who participates in SPARK?
  • How easy is it to participate in SPARK?
  • What is the time commitment?
  • How long before I receive the results?
  • Is it safe to give a saliva sample in the time of COVID-19?

Previous Shows

Episode 7 – Hosts Chase and Ali talked with Judith Ursitti, mom, advocate and the Director of State Government Affairs with Autism Speaks, about the journey with her son Jack who has severe autism, non-verbal and a intellectual disability. Andrew Arboe shares about his experience in learning how to drive and how he advocates for individuals on the spectrum. Andrew Komarow discovered he has autism as an adult and he is helping others on the spectrum with financial knowledge and valuable information about autism on his website

Episode 8-1 – Hosts Chase and Sarah interviewing guest Helen Pappas. Helen shares her passion for photography and inspires us with good advice about self advocating. Helen was also selected for Autism Speaks’ Spectrum Spotlights..
Episode 8-2 – Hosts Chase and Sarah welcome Peter Klein, founder/developer of the Peter was inspired to start his own website to help others find resources and activities for individuals with special needs. Peter is also a Special Olympics athlete.
Episode 9 – Hosts Chase and Sarah interview Audra Mae Talbot. Audra is a mother of two children who are autistic, military wife and an autism advocate.
Episode 10 – Hosts Chase and Sarah The Social Chase Episode 10 with Guests Meghan Cave, M.Ed. BCBA LBA (CT) and Justyna Balzar, M.Ed. BCBA LBA (CT),founders of The Hangout Spot, LLC.